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ESU Scholars versus ESU Career Institute

Which Program is Best for You?

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital can help people to move up the social ladder and achieve success in life. This is because it provides them with the resources they need to get ahead, such as education and job skills.

Nathan Mahr and Monica Gragg 


ESU boasts two proprietary programs both aimed at educating and empowering learners. Read along for further insight on what differentiates these initiatives.


ESU Scholars offers students customized college, internship, and career prep led by a cohort of post-secondary and collegiate instructors, program alums, and professional leaders. ESU Scholars is best for students:

       ●Grades 7-12
       ●Located in the Greater Memphis area for onsite programming.
       ●Able to regularly participate in workshops and networking events throughout the year culminating in the annual summer 

          college conference.


ESU Career Institute offers participants career planning guidance, including resume review, interview prep, in-depth clerical training, and customer service certification. ESU Institute also provides senior programming focused on internet and smartphone fundamentals. ESU Institute is best for learners:

       ● ages 18+

       ●Located in the Greater Memphis area for onsite programming.

       ●Interested in upskilling or jumpstarting their career.

       ●Able to commit to 20 classes per certification program.


We’re also happy to share that eligible SNAP recipients may qualify for tuition assistance for participation in ESU Institute Clerical Skills and Customer Service Certification programs.


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