Empowering Students Universally Scholars, Inc.

Increasing College Enrollment by Empowering Students and Parents.

How the Program Works

 The ESU Scholars programs offers community based workshops with students from the Memphis metropolitan surrounding area. Students can be from any school public, private, charter and any state.

The program consists of four components:

·      Student workshops (4 per semester)

·      Parent workshops (1 per semester)

·      College Tours

Each year students attend workshops and participate in college tours that are conducted during the summer. Parent workshops are available upon request. Community agencies are able to choose the specific options that will work well for their environment.


College Tour Information


The purpose of the ESU College Tour program is to provide students with the opportunity to visit four-year institutions of higher learning.  Many students do not have the opportunity to gain early exposure to campus life.  The ESU Scholars College Tour provides them with the information they will need to make an informed college career choice.


Schedule Format

Scholars meet once a month and are given a 2 hour workshop. Scholars are given action research assignments to complete during the month. At the conclusion of the four workshops students are assigned to a job shadow related to their career interest. 

Parents meet at least once a semester for a workshop. 

Workshops Offered


Student Workshops

1.   ESU Scholars Introduction

2.   Learning how to appreciate who you are: Social Style

3.   First assignment finding the right career just for you!

4.   College Search Research project

5.   Creating your personal Scholarship database

6.   Components of the Student Resume

7.   Analyzing the college entrance exams

8.   Finding the best way to pay for College

9.   Etiquette, Interviews & Attire

10. Finding Job Shadows and Internships

11. Summer Programs: Study Abroad and Residential U.S. Programs

a.   Choosing the summer program for you


 Parent Workshops

1.   Myths and Facts about College

2.   Helping your child find a college

3.   Helping your child find scholarships

4.   Helping your child build a strong resume

5.   Learning about college entrance exams

6.   Learning about: Financial Aid, Scholarships and Student Loans

7.   Helping your child find job shadows/internships

8.   Summer Programs: Study Abroad and Residential U.S. Programs

a. Why a summer program?