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Photo Gallery

ESU Scholars Chicago ESU Scholars Chicago 50423996 Kellman Student Future Doctor 50423997 Kellman Students Computer Project 50423998 50424951 Kellman Students Presenting Career Distractors 50423999 50424952 Kellman Parent Meeting 50424953 Principal Brenda Browder Parent Meeting 50424954 Kellman Parent Meeting 50424955 50424956 Kellman Chicago Parent Meeting ESU Scholars Parent Meeting 50424957 Kellman Parent Meeting 50424958 ESU Scholars Parent Meeting Director Jada Meeks speaks to the parents 50424959 Parent Meeting Chicago Illinois 50424960 ESU Scholars Chicago Illinois 50424961 50424962 50424963 50424964 50424965 50424966 50424967 Joseph Kellman Corporate Community School 50424968 ESU Scholars Teacher Workshop Chicago Illinois 50424969 ESU Scholars Teacher Workshop Chicago Illinois Joseph Kellman School 50424970 Teacher Workshop 50424971 Teacher Workshop 50424972 Teacher Workshop 50424973 Teacher Workshop 50424974 Teacher Workshop 50424975