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Photo Gallery

2017 College Prep Conference 2017 College Prep Conference 204143038 Preparing for College Early!!! Dr. Jada Meeks teaches students what to do. 204143039 Dr. Jada Meeks and ESU Scholar Alumnus Jaylen Clark 204143040 U of M Financial Aid and Scholarships 204143041 Real Talk from College Students Lessons Learned and Tips for success!!! 204143042 Olivia New U of M Admissions 204143043 Dr. Jada Meeks Teaching students how to build a Scholarship database. 204143044 Dr. Janet Malone Helps Middle School students prepare for High School. 204143045 Middle School Students Eager to Learn 204143046 The ESU Scholars Board Victoria Targundo, Cheryl Hurst, Toleda Burton and Dr. Janet Malone 204143047 204143048 204143049 Dr. Jada Meeks Speaks! 204143050 204143051 204143052 204143053 Melvyn Harding and Dr. Jada 204143054 204143055 Anisa Lacey Teaches students ESU Scholars since 7th grade. Graduate of Immaculate Conception Future Amherst College Student!!! 204143056 204143057 204143058 Career Professionals Panel 204143059 204143060 204143061 204143062 204143105 204143106 204143107 204143108